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A bitch ass nigga, a punk, Someone who wont stand up for themselves, a spineless person, a pussy, usually a dumb person, someone who is easilly fooled or stolen from.
A curb would talk shit but not do anything.
A curb would do anthing to avoid a confrontation.
A curb may start a fight for no reason.
"I socked that mufuku in the mouth, and he didn't even do shit, what a curb"
"I called that curb ass nigga a 'bitch', and he didnt say shit."

by JGSR March 20, 2006
Derived from Alligator. 'Gata' is slang for Gator
The alligator stays hidden in the water until some unsuspecting prey comes to the waterhole to drink, then it attacks. The waterhole is a place where most animals exist together peacefully, the cheetahs drink from the waterhole next to the antelope. It represents a social setting of sorts, where all the animals coincide. The Gator on the other hand, creeps steathly in the waterhole and preys on other animals when they aren't ready. The gator, or "Gata" victimizes other animals to get what it needs.

"Gata" is used to desribe a sneaky, scandalous person.
A "Gata" would go after a vulnerable person or someone who is easy to take advantage of and usually strikes quietly, without warning, when you least expect it.
Someone who shows no love for anyone else.
A 'Gata' is usually willing to fuck over his friends and family for his own benefit.
"Dont do business with him, that nigga's a Gata, man."
"I'll take that fool's shit, I'm a fuckin Gata."
"We're hommies, don't act like a Gata toward me!"
"Let's do this mofucka Gata style, hit 'em up when he ain't expecting it"
"I'm a gata, I dont give a fuck about anybody else, but me"
"Me and my hommies are all Gatas, fuck what ya heard, we don't play!"
by JGSR March 20, 2006
A bum or hobo, a crackhead, a fiend or begger.
Someone who is involved in drugs and other such things.
A homeless or nearly homeless person.
Swerves usually are: uneducated and dumb, dirty, smelly, unattractive, and have missing teeth and messy hair.
A swerve is fully, totally 100% dedicated to anything and everything they have to do to get what they want and needs, usually getting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, a prostitute, etc.
Swerves generally are found in groups, and on street corners or alleyways.
"Dont give that swerve a dollar!"
"Get the fuck outta my face, you fuckin swerve!"
"I need to sell this shit, Where all the swerves at?"
"Clean yourself up, you fuckin swerve!"
"If you got a couple bucks, or a rock, a swerve will clean your house, wash your car, steal shit and bring it to you, they'll evev kill someone for you!"

by JGSR March 20, 2006

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