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Nasty term used to describe a girl when she is blowing her nose and blowing off a guy at the same time. Laura Beth Campion often does this
Laura Beth Campion cumsnotted all over Harrison's D.
by JEW CLAW January 18, 2005
when a male puts their one of there testicles on each of the female's eyes.
this was also in part created by ryan jamie and john
i gave that girl an arabian sun glasses.
by JEW CLAW January 31, 2005
Word used to describe hair around the female genatalia section. Often girls or women with no sex life have alot of punani foliage.
I needed a weedwhacker for all of the punanifoliage on that girls vg kid.
by JEW CLAW January 18, 2005
when a male ejaculates on a peice of pita bread and the female wraps the pita around the males penis and eats off the pita.
She just gave that random guy a slimy tortilla.
by JEW CLAW January 31, 2005

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