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257 definitions by JESUS

jevito - some one who dresses nice.

cainisero - dominican meat killer and seller.
baja panty - some one girls get naked for
a male hormone that gets girls out of their clothes breaking olympic records
by jesus April 15, 2005
Commonly known as the belly button, mentioned in the austin power movie
'oooooooooohhh, right in the mummy daddy button'
by Jesus February 15, 2005
Someone Who Stinks Like Shit
"Hey man, get up off my coach, you boochie ass Bean-Boy
by Jesus March 16, 2004
that thing i please various women with
"i please many women last night with my penis"
by jesus August 17, 2003
nickname for the super hero 'spider dick'
spider man? what a cockslinger
by jesus August 03, 2004
another word for chouette
that shirt is so cook!
by Jesus November 07, 2003
A porno magazine
I beat off to Hustler
by Jesus June 06, 2003