256 definitions by JESUS

One whom owns a TS Server, and has a skill level above all others.
Gumby from the OTF.
by Jesus July 28, 2003
Commonly known as the belly button, mentioned in the austin power movie
'oooooooooohhh, right in the mummy daddy button'
by Jesus February 15, 2005
A mixture of gun and punishment, forming the type of punishment with the word punishment.
Man, these people dont just need punishment... they need gunishment
by jesus April 25, 2004
Like fag, insult to gay people, or to non gay people, hey it can aplly to anyone who is a dick.
See dick, retard, moron, faggot, gaylord, cock muncher], whore.
Fagon means all of those over spiteful phrases combined, reserved for only the most filthy scum of the earth (people).
A lot of people are fagons.
by Jesus March 24, 2004
nickname for the super hero 'spider dick'
spider man? what a cockslinger
by jesus August 03, 2004
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