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A person who is extremely cool and happy with themselves, yet looked down upon for being different. Just because someone is a loser doesn't mean they are not cool. The cool part about being a loser is getting to admit you are one.
Losers are cool.
by Jessi December 30, 2003
The best actor ever to walk the earth. not only just because he's so damn sexy, but because he's so talented and doesn't care what the hell people think about him. he could do any blockbuster he wants to, but he likes to go against the grain. did i mention he's a sexy bitch? well, he is, i'm very happy for (and jealous of) vanessa paradis.
he's kind of like a slug, he oozes sexy out and leaves a trail of sexy wherever he goes! sexy, talented, and humble, what else do u look for in a guy?
by Jessi December 31, 2003
One of the coolest people I know and love! She's super awesome.
"That chick is no Cara, she's just not cool enough."
by jessi May 15, 2004
stuck up, bitchy, horny, "straight but willing to experiment", rich, slut princesses (with the exception of the minority of genuine people) and many of the guys are self centered egotistical testosterone filled jackasses with their heads shoved so far up their asses they cant see anymore and can go fuck the horses they rode in on twice because they are chauvinistic, condescending, patronizing, manipulative, imbroglio-causing, mannerless, naive, pricks with no respect and it is disgusting how they treat women and think so highly of themselves... then again the way many of the girls around here act, they probably deserve it, if theyre not totally provoking them.

this does NOT apply to everyone.
"What school do you go to?"
::disgusted looks::
by Jessi December 30, 2003
What is "normal?" It seems as though the weirder you are, the more you fit in...so that means that weird is normal. If weird is normal, then that means that if you are normal you are weird, so in order to be normal you must be weird, which makes you normal all over again. Which is weird. It is a perpetual cycle.
Yeah, she's weird, but that's normal.
by Jessi December 30, 2003
"send 2 receive"
It's used by people online who want to trade pictures of themselves with each other, to make it simple.
Guy: Hey, sexy. Yo got pics?
Girl: Yes...
Guy: s2r
Girl: All right.
by Jessi June 15, 2003
low quality marijuana
by Jessi September 08, 2003

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