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"send 2 receive"
It's used by people online who want to trade pictures of themselves with each other, to make it simple.
Guy: Hey, sexy. Yo got pics?
Girl: Yes...
Guy: s2r
Girl: All right.
by Jessi June 15, 2003
SR2 surplus to requirements
My gullible uncle Paul used to give me pocket money, he also used to spend a fortune on me at Christmas, and now he is not working he can't do this. So he is s2r (surplus to requirements)

I used to pretend that my gullible uncle paul was cool, so I could screw every penny I could out of him. When realy I hated him. I used him for years until he became S2R

Now my gullible uncle paul is skint, it's pointless me even bothering speaking to him. Because he's no money to give to me. he's S2R

I can't believe I conned my uncle paul for about 16 years,

he never realised that I hate him so much and only used him for everything I could get out of him, if he ever becomes wealthy again, I will do the same again, until he is no longer S2R I'll just ignore him.
by kerrrrrry May 05, 2011