18 definitions by JELLO

very sexy....sexy mofo...spicy sexy
hemani is too sexy!!!
by jello May 03, 2004
something that is useless, annoying, or just all around sucks.
as in...i can't believe you don't like salsa dancing. You are a SUCCUS!
by jello June 19, 2003
1)One that bends over anytime the boss says so.
2)A bitch to the boss.
3)A yes man.
4)A brown nosing little bitch.
5)David Dunbar
David, you are such a little "Ho Ass Trick", "Ass Trick Ho", "Ass Ho Trick" and or "Trick Ass Ho". You must let the boss park his dick up in your ass 24/7. You are a little bitch cabin boy. In and out your ass.
by Jello December 17, 2004
all things shibby; a filler word when you just can't remember what you wanna say
where's the quarrup?
by jello October 10, 2003
When two females have sex with a double ended dildo while it is lit on fire.
Or, for a variation (if possible):
Two females have sex with a crumpet lit on fire, and then pour hot tea on eachother.
Oh man, those chicks did the london broiler and now they're in the hospital!
by Jello March 22, 2005
To buy weed.
Which dealer do you think i should pick off of?
by JELLO October 15, 2003
Angela and KD rolling around in jello kicking the shit out of one another.
KD had angela begging her to stop bashing her head in the ground as they jello wrestled.
by JELLO August 30, 2003

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