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mentally ill from amityville...
by jdubb March 30, 2003
Term used to call attention to a social or societal outcast.
As the geek was approaching the bar people began to shout "nerd alert"
by JDubb July 20, 2003
1. To get totally dominated in a sport or an activity.

2. To be cummed on
1. Dude you suck! You just got nutted on hard core

2. I nutted on that bitch last night.
by JDUBB June 19, 2004
Someone who has yellow kernels of shit on their dong as the result of shoving their penis into the ass of someone who had previously eaten corn.
Jen must have gone to the BBQ because when Kevin pulled his cock out of her ass he had corn-rim.
by JDubb July 20, 2003
To abandon a friend or friends at a remote location with no means of transportation (usually in inclement weather).
Chris is known to Babb his friends by having them get out to push his car up an icy hill and then driving away before they get back in; thereby leaving them to walk for five miles in a snow storm with no jackets.
by JDubb July 20, 2003
Any vehicle that has a cargo container attached to the roof rack.
Upon attaching the thule box to her SUV, Heather drove off for vacation in her nerd alert.
by JDubb July 20, 2003

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