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Avon old farms cmoonly known to people as "shit town" or "podunk" is known for its very uncivilized winged beavers. They have been known to charge on mnay occasions and miss most of the time. They dont understand the concept of waiting for traffic and are commonly hit by cars. They are best known becasue of their ignorance (for u guys at avon that means stupidity.) They have tried and failed to spell salisbury with an "a" rather then a "u"
A young immature boy said "Ill go to avon." that same boy as an old man said "I wish my ass had a brain." :)
by JD Kirkendoll May 04, 2005
Avon old farms commonly known as "shit town" "da hood" and "river dams" is located on a spit of land on the corner od bum fuck and you got a pretty mouth connecticut. Commoners are urged to stay away from these uncivilized winged beavers. On many ocassions they have been found charging and generally missing people and being hit by cars. We can see their intellignece appear on many ocassions most commonly found when they try to spell salisbiury with an "a" rather than a "u"
"Look at that avon old farms bitch"

"It looks like a knight impailed that beaver on the side of the road"

Avon Grammer: "jimmy gon look at them salisbary boys they aint goin nowhere they aint got no ideas someone better learn them some skills"
by JD Kirkendoll May 03, 2005

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