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2 definitions by JD Fort

the orifice on a female used for coitus and copulation
I'd like to break her down like a shotgun and get knee deep in that shaggy dunkin' bucket!
by JD Fort July 22, 2005
sad·dle·bag(s) (sdl-bg) n.
1. To drape your scrotum over a person's face in such a manner so that one testicle would lay on one side of the nose, and the other testicle lays on the opposite side.

That chick I took home with me last night?
Shit Dude, I don't know, I was ripped.... All I remember was giving her saddlebags, making motorcycle noises, then I think I blasted one in her face.
Hey, why is my eye black?
by JD Fort November 04, 2006