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3 definitions by JD²

An extremely large, intelligent, loving man-like creature that is horrendously scarred up from surgeries to keep him functioning and protecting his suamensch from other Frankensquatchs.
Dude, I was at the beach the other day and this Frankensquatch took his shirt off and I almost garpped, but I didn't go anywhere near his saumensch lest I end up scarred up as well.

The human race will virtually wipe itself out in a few hundred years so don't bother having anymore kids, cause that's just one more person to suck up natural resources and to have that many more kids, dooming the human race that much faster and these future generations will only end up suffering. There will end up being a few scattered clusters of scarred up resilient humans, living throughout the world. Creating a super huge, smart, humanoid, that will take over the world, because of their resilience, intelligence and ability to survive. They will be smart enough not to overpopulate, industrialize and consume all the natural resources so fast that everything will eventually be destroyed.
by JD² August 01, 2010
A German insult to women, translating to a sow. Used in modern leet speak to show affection to a girl you want or love.
Hey saumensch, never leave the kitchen unless it's to bring me a sandwich, or do laundry.

ILUS. Text speak for I love you Saumensch.
by JD² August 01, 2010
Projectile vomit.

The act of making a pavement pizza or sidewalk pizza.
I totally saw your pavement pizza and it made me garp out another one, it was buy one get one free.

My girl made me a sandwich and she used expired mayo and it turned into Garpfest 2010.
by JD² August 02, 2010