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The art of penetrating a female with an unwashed penis that had been used to penetrate another female at an earlier time.
I just dirty dicked that hoe, now she's got whatever that bitch had that I banged earlier.
by JCS Bricks August 13, 2004
An area of your back that cannot be referred to by using specific terms such as muscle, tendon or vertebrae.

Coined by Mike Tyson.
"I broke my back... my back is broken" "Spinal."
by JCS Bricks December 12, 2005
A girl whose age would bring about a statutory rape charge if any man were to fornicate with her.
Man, Dave's 13 year-old daughter is some statutory wuss I'd goto jail for!
by JCS Bricks August 19, 2004
A word of unknown origin; muttered by Mike Tyson on September 21, 2004.
"I have been training confuciously."
by JCS Bricks September 22, 2004
Urinating ahead of time while your bladder is roughly 50% full or less to prevent inconvenience of having to do so at a later time with greater need.
I'm gonna take a preventative wiz before we go so I won't have to drain it while we're out.
by JCS Bricks August 23, 2004
How retards and derelicts spell "sexy".
Wow dude, my sister just got done making out with this secksie girl let's go play some N64 now.
by JCS Bricks November 09, 2004
semen, sauce, lovejuice
After jerking me off for ten minutes, I proceeded to expel my lovesnot all over her face.
by JCS Bricks August 20, 2004
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