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1.The act of shitting into a girls mouth then slamming her face into a wall.
2.The act of having your partner bend over, then you run across the room at full speed and spear her via the anus.
1.) That bitch so deserved a turkish train wreck
2.) Watch out here comes the turkish trainwreck!
by Jbook July 20, 2006
1.The act of boiling a potato, inserting it into a girls ass along with a little butter and salt and then fucking her as hard and fast as you can in the asshole.
1. Step one-Boil one large russet potato, Step 2 insert into asshole with butter and salt. 3. fuck asshole in a vigorous motion for 2 minutes 4. Enjoy you turkish mashed potatos!
by Jbook July 20, 2006
1. The act of getting your friend as drunk as you possibly can, then throwing them into the open hole of a construction site porta-a-john
2. Ingesting a large quantity of laxatives, then lying down on your bed while some broad sucks on your balls while she jerks you off. At the exact moment of climax you spray a horrifying amount of liquid shit all over her face and then bust a nut in her eye, all while screaming Turkish nightmare at the top of your lungs.
1. "dude we need to get Eric back for being an asshole, lets give him the Turkish nightmare after he finishes drinking"
2. "My GF pissed me off last night so I made sure she experienced a real Turkish nightmare"
by JBook July 18, 2006
1.) A female that is so beastly and whorish (see Beast Whore) that she sucks down whole turkey dinners with her vagina.
1.) That beast whore has a real turkey snatch on her
by Jbook August 02, 2006
The act of holding a kabab in your hand and ramming it as hard as you can into your partners gash.
She loved it when I served her the Turkish fist with a side of vengence.
by JBook July 18, 2006
1. Fucking the corpse in the ass while its still in the coffin, while relatives watch
A turkish funeral is a very sad event, Billy is simply saying goodbye in his own way.
by Jbook July 20, 2006

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