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3 definitions by JBOXED

a penis that looks rotten, sometimes black looking as if it is burnt, blistered, dead peeling skin, small and shriveled.

Drew has a rotten cock, I think that he should go to the doctor and get that shit looked at before it falls on.
by JBOXED March 19, 2009
Is a small dick on a grown man, really small as the size of a Vienna sausage or smaller, also could be a stub.
1.Girls won't have sex with Chuck cause once they see his skeeter twig they get turned off and leave.

2.Ty's boyfriend has a skeeter twig, he told me that he might break up with him.
by JBOXED March 19, 2009
When a guy and a girl are having sex and the guy cums in the girl, then after sex your finger banging her and it makes a sloshing noise and feels like making butter.
Dude lastnight I pounded my wife and after that I was turning butter, it was some good eaten.
by JBOXED March 19, 2009