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Loop your iPod headphones wiring around nutsack and/or your one eyed trouser snake, ensuring one complete revolution around the gonads. Once the loop is secured, get another individual to continuously tug on the wiring, thus completing the iJob. iPod music is optional, but to receive the full effect of the iJob, play Celine Dion's "My heart will go on."

Caution: Some individuals have larger ballbags and schlongs than others, so longer wiring may be necessary.
Adam: Yo dude, check out this Florence bitch next to me, she is totally giving me the dirtiest iJob!

Matt: Bro, that’s my mom!

In class, that whore Marie gave me a philthy iJob without even knowing, she kept on tugging on my headphone because I was listening to her favourite Celine Dion song.

Hey dickweed, do I got a story for you or what...I was next to these two fine Pasadena mudsliders and I got the craziest idea. I hooked up two headphones to my laptop, put on “my Heart will go on,” looped both of their wirings around my moneymaker and got the sweetest double iJob EVER.
by JBB2 November 04, 2009

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