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Spanish phrase used to describe an a girl with an ugly face. Literal translation is "Glove Face." Trying to suggest girl caught a fastball to the face, which is why she is so ugly.
Esa vieja tiene "cara de guante!"
by JAVYair August 26, 2009
Spanish slang phrase for, "that bitch has a hideous face!" Literal translation: Face of a thousand hits!
Guy1 ask, "te la cojes a esa vieja?"

Guy2 says, "tiene cara de mil putasos pero si me la echo!"
by JAVYair August 31, 2009
Spanish slang phrase meaning I will do you in the butt! Literal translation is: "I will poke your donut!"
Guy says, "Te quiero cojer!"
Girl says, "No puedo, estoy mestruando."
Guy ask, "Te pico la dona?"
by JAVYair August 28, 2009
It is slang in the Mexican community for sperm. The literal translation is "penis-gasoline."
Man, that girl was telling me she loved my "vergasolina" in her mouth!
by JAVYair August 28, 2009
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