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Charlotte Ravenhill is a bigger tramp then a chrissii cooper. however, we love her for it :D
lol. jk. she's just a gay hobo with a sexy ass blanket ;D
BUT BUT BUT BUT... mhm... buts :')
erm............... ^_^
Jacob: is that a chrissii cooper??

Peter: no... it's worse... it's a charlotte ravenhill!! :O
by JACOB"HOPE" October 26, 2010
slut. hoe. hobo. gay.
that's about it tbh. :/

she likes taking Jacob Hope's clothes though... which is cool ;D <3
Peter: Is that jacob?!

Jamie: no... it's just a Sarah-Kay in his clothes again... what a slutty hobo :/
by JACOB"HOPE" October 26, 2010
Chrissii Cooper is a MASSIVE tramp that lives on the street with female donkeys and participates in sexual acts to members of Costa :) however, despite this, she is the biggest slut and whore going. Everyone loves her though. girls are insanely jealous of her great looks and her intelligent wit ;D guys are in love with her slutty-ness.
James: Omg that Chrissii Cooper is one hell of a girl!

Peter: Yeah, we all had a go with her last night, just outside costa.

James: does she give you good... Coffee?? ;D

Peter: The best! but all the girls got jealous :/
by JACOB"HOPE" October 17, 2010
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