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The only town in the state of Alaska that you could call a city. It has cold winters where it's never warmer than the mid-30s starting as early as October and lasting until late March or sometimes even mid-April. Summers are balmy and usually always partly cloudy at best, with highs in the mid-50s to low 70's.

Anchorage is where the Iditarod is showcased near downtown before it officially starts in a small neighboring town called Wasilla.

It's a state with a Northwest mentality but Alaska is definitely different than Washington or Oregon. You'd have to stay up here for a while and get to know people to see it. A lot of people smoke weed here, and the weed here is among the strongest and cheapest of anywhere I've been in America. Usually just 40 an eighth, 280-320 an ounce. Lots of nice people, and you have lots of assholes. Has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation, but that's probably because of the overall lack of sunlight, the prevalent use of alcohol and the availability of heroin, and for some reason the native population has a higher suicide rate per capita.

There's a lot of outdoorsman stuff to do, like go hiking Anchorage's many surrounding Chugach mountains, and fishing all over South central Alaska is awesome and places like Seward are heaven for halibut and silvers certain times of the year, where Kenai and Soldotna are great for kings, silvers and reds, just depends when you go.
In Anchorage, everyone is cool with weed, even if they don't smoke it. At least 80% of the knowing population is okay with, and at least 30% have smoked in the last month, who are at least 14 and older. Cool place, but Anchorage doesn't get enough sunlight so I had to move, and UAA is a gay ass college and UAF in Fairbanks is colder than a witch's tit - and the girls are homely.
by J1241249A December 15, 2010

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