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when something is,,or has happened to you or somebody, thatz fucked up.
say holmez,that vato just hustled you good,,que gacho!
by J0K3R July 26, 2005
Chicano slang,Mexican slang
I shanked the levas en mi canton.
by J0K3R December 31, 2004
certain way chicanos/mexicanos speak using their kind of lingo.
ebonics is for blacks as calo(chicano slang) is for chicanos/mexicanos
by J0K3R December 31, 2004
mischief person,alwayz into somethin,curious in a bad way
nombre tus ninos son bien caranchos.
by J0K3R December 31, 2004
When you take a vacation on "the hood"

Don't go anywhere on your vacation & just stay home & the Neighborhood
"What did you do on your vacation?"

"Nothing.. stood home!! Had a Hood-cation"
by J0k3R November 28, 2012

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