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A right-wing political media pundit.
Thunder-monkeys like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are all as crazy a bunch of scarey-eyed, barking moon-bats.
by J. S. Owens December 21, 2003
Mentally unstable persons of a decidedly conservative political affiliation.
Ann Coulter is a scarey-eyed, salivating, barking moonbat. She often frightens small children, dogs and occassionally even the cattle.
by J. S. Owens December 21, 2003
A frighteningly insane person of very conservative political beliefs. Moon-bats are often found wandering naked thru gun stores or protesting in front of womens health clinics.

An alternate form of the term moonbat
That barking moon-bat Ann Coulter is eventually going to end-up biting the head off of something. For some reason, her voice on television often causes my cat to urinate on the ceiling.
by J. S. Owens December 22, 2003

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