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A sexy/head-strong/self-confident female who laughs at herself easily by day, and moonlights as a superhero by night.
"Hey Thunder Monkey, way to save the city from near-destruction again! And damn girl, nice butt!"
by the riles you know April 11, 2006
Describing a girl's vagina that is very desirable because she is known to be good in bed and pleases men well.
Damn I wanna get with Lisa! I heard she's got some thunder monkey!
by Pink Torpedo February 02, 2010
A fat, dirty person who never bathes that constantly dresses in a horribly unappealing manner. Exibits monkey like behavior and is prone to over-eating.
My roommate, Jessica Trass, is a thunder monkey.
by SquirrelHater12 April 27, 2009
Brassmonkeys chased with thunderbird wine.
Hey, Get me another thundermonkey so i can get retarded.
by Pita Mahn May 03, 2004
A small hairy individual who always has to be at the center of a social gathering
look at that little hairy bastard, he's a proper thunder monkey.
by Richard Cashmore September 17, 2003
A short, extremely fatass girl (always with dark brown/black hair) who looks startlingly like a monkey. The Thunder Monkey is usually seen eating whatever she can, and as much of it as possible. She even enjoys chugging mayo and anything else in a packet. Usually needs to wax her eyebrows.
Person #1: DAMN! Look at that Thunder Monkey!
*Thunder Monkey is in the distance in a cafe, chugging ketchup packets*
Person #2: Look away before you're blinded! LOOK AWAY!!
by BigPimpinSF January 30, 2010
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