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The sweaty feeling you have in your crack after a night of excessive drinking.
Who needs anal lube when you are suffering from booze-ass.
by J. Cooper December 28, 2004
The act of tricking someone into an unfortunate experience involving ejaculate.
I thought I was spreading mayo onto my turkey sandwich, but it turned out to be cum!!! Damnit Shandy, another successful jizz-trap!
by J. Cooper December 28, 2004
A.K.A. - Shocker.

There does exist a slight variation between Monkey Button and the Shocker. The practice and form one uses is the same, however, the reaction one gets from the shockie is reminiscent of the sound of a monkey (oh! oh!)
After a killer set, Shandy found a nice backstage betty who never has experienced the shocker. Shandy was very happy to finally work the monky button.
by J. Cooper December 29, 2004
At the culmination of coitus (preferably doggy-style) you retrieve your banjo, lift it over your shoulder and bring it down upon your present partners head. The dossal tones that will emanate from this southern harp will remind one of a honky tonk.

-a slight variation would be to sing a country or blue grass line (instrumental or vocal) before impact.
Most girls don't care for country or blue grass, but everyone enjoys a good honky tonk.

-Hey Jen, where did that bump come from?

-One of the 12 guys I screwed for money gave me a honky tonk.
by J. Cooper December 28, 2004

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