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A nickname for someone who is acting in a strange manner much like a blue dolphin.
Wow, Jonathan, stop being such a doogle.
by j-weezy January 21, 2014
Where a person using steroids over reacts to something insignificant. It is assumed that this is because of a decrease in testicular size and the loss of the ability to control yourself. Note, most often occurs in males that play full/partial contact sports.

i get denz from sticking too many needles in my ass.
by J-Weezy May 01, 2006
To be upset or angry.
Awwwww Snap.
by J-Weezy September 27, 2003
Going retardedly denz.
He was so denz that he we was all roid rage.
by J-Weezy May 01, 2006

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