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The act in fucking a girl and the without telling her pull out and pour lighter fluid on the outside of her pussy and a little on the inside, then light her pussy on fire.
Man last light i was fuckin this bitch i dont like, so i pulled out and gave her a east coast pussy toaster.
by J-Wall October 27, 2012
used to describe a person who is ridiculous
Lauren- Gina is so funny shes such a fucker nucker
by J-wall March 13, 2008
a nasty pussy with teeth
Adam~ if my girlfriend had an owabacha I would give that thing a root canal
by J-wall March 13, 2008
this is known by a milk crate or small box. most aisans can fit in small compartments hence the milk crate
"you can just put the towls in the aisan trap"
by J-wall March 13, 2008

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