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4 definitions by J-WEEBLE

A religious devotion to poop.
do you wish to accompany me to poopism church. on easter we have a easter turd hunt
by J-WEEBLE April 19, 2004
One who fashions miniature racecars from their own feces or the feces of another, and then races them.
You see that guy, that fuckin guy right there is a poop racer.
by J-WEEBLE April 19, 2004
a wooden cross,(usually cedar due to its long lasting burning qualities) placed in someones yard implying that they should move away.
Look its a burning lower case t for "time to leave".
by J-WEEBLE April 19, 2004
The act of farting in one's hand while cupped, thereafter quickly wafting toward anothers face and yelling, Hot Pocket!
"hey want a hot pocket?" (whoosh) "ohh gross!" "Ha Ha HOT POCKET!"
by J-WEEBLE April 19, 2004