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44 definitions by J-Smoove

similar to 4sho, except when you say 4sho you are just saying "for sure", whereas when you are 5sho you are extremely "for sure". used only on instant messenger.
person #1: "yo you feelin that new T.I. cd?"
person #2: "5sho"
person #1: "damn it was that good foreal?"
person #2: "yeah man cop that shit"
by J-Smoove March 30, 2006
43 27
where the falcons play and michael vick makes opposing defenses look stupid
I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the 50-yard-line where the Dirty Birds kick for three -- Ludacris
by J-Smoove March 05, 2006
97 82
The word "Wow", said in an Indian accent, since the Indian accent involves getting your v's and w's confused. Often used by fobs from India.
Vhaw, did you see the cricket match yesterday yaar, Sachin hit sixer after sixer.
by J-Smoove June 18, 2006
42 28
A Jew named David.
The commissioner of the NBA is Jewvid Stern.
by J-Smoove February 24, 2009
26 14
A word meaning "gay". Named after the ex-NBA player and newly minted homosexual of the same name.
Why you starin at that guy's ass, you Amaechi or something?
by J-Smoove February 15, 2007
35 23
Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks.
Billy Knight makes player personnel decisions for the Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball team.
by J-Smoove September 01, 2006
29 17
Short for "Que La Chinga". In Spanish, "Que" = What, "La" = The, and "Chinga" = Fuck. QLC is like WTF, literally translated in Spanish. In Spanish, the phrase "Que La Chinga" actually doesn't mean anything, but it's good to use in situations where you can't say "What The Fuck" or "WTF", like at work for example.
QLC man, the store closed like a hour ago and that customer's still in here, I wanna get the fuck outta here.
by J-Smoove June 18, 2006
41 29