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When a person, primarily a female, acts like a complete slut. This can be accomplished by several actions, including but not limited to: hooking up with someone who is in a relationship, stealing a boyfriend/girlfriend, having sex (a lot), loving to give oral sex, breaking up with her partner because the sex is not up to par, loving to be on bottom during intercourse, giving an orgasmic hug, or just being completely legit.
Kim: Wow, did you hear that new rumor?
Josh: The one about Katie giving examples on how to give head?
Kim: Yeah!
Jake: Yeah, she definitely pulled an Al Jones.
by J-Sac January 25, 2010
Used to describe an intimidating female. A Kaybaybay is characterized by her blonde hair and above-average height. She also looks like a real life Barbie. If approached by a Kaybaybay, you must move your eyes up and make eye contact, as a man of normal height is eye-level with her breasts and the Kaybaybay's male counterpart may attack if he sees you staring.
Josh: *laying on the ground* Dude, why did he just hit me!

Kevin: Because you were staring at his Kaybaybay's rack man!

Josh: It's not my fault I'm 5'6, it hurts my neck to look her in the eye!!
by J-Sac February 03, 2010

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