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The metal chick is the only good companion for a metalhead. (In terms of the girls at least).

Shes the one the you can run around a city with screaming out slayer lyrics and making fun of Kesha and Lady Gaga with.

Metal chicks usually have on black clothes with the exception of jeans or Daisy Dukes (really short "short shorts")
Most of the time a metal chick will take the incentive to do something stupid and irresponsible before the metalhead.
The metal chick is the perfect example of power in the female population because they show that all women have to choice to stand up and shout to the world FUCK YOU! and then can sit back down and have a great day.
Metalhead: look, an emo in a kesha shirt.

Metal Chick: *runs up to the girl* KESHA FUCKING SUCKS!! STUPID BITCH!!!

*Kesha girl runs away scared as hell*

*roughly 10 seconds later* Metalhead & Chick: THE BEAUTY OF DEATH WE ALL ADORE!!!!
by J-Rod666 June 24, 2010

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