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(n.) - a uncomplimentary term used to describe a person, most notably a female, who is a slut *and* will likely amount to nothing in life.
(example 1)
John: Did you hear about Chris's new girlfriend?
David: 'Nah, what's she like?
John: She's a high-school dropout, and she's loose as hell.
David: Damn, she sound like a cumdumpsta-nothin!

(example 2)
John: So how's it goin' with the new gf?
Chris: Man, I dropped that ho -- she ain't nothin' but a cumdumpsta-nothin!
by J-Philly February 26, 2007
(n.) - A misspelling of the word cumdumpster.
Person 1: Haha, Suzy is such a cumdumbster!
Person 2: Dude, did you just say "cumdumbster"?
Person 1: Yeah, what of it?
Person 2: ...you're retarded.
by J-Philly March 20, 2007
(n). - A now defunct imageboard popular among anime and hentai fans.
Did you see that danbooru is down for good? I hope someone puts up a clone!
by J-Philly March 02, 2007

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