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When a girl plays hard to get.
Shequita, the busty woman, was such a difficunt last night when we went out on our date, so i ended up rebounding with rosey palm.
by J-Off March 23, 2010
A place for pedestrians to converse, often times not worth the time or gas to go there. Most populated place in Bessemer, Michigan (prolly). Great place to sit around, idol your vehicle and waste gas! Pretty much the best place on earth.
Hey wildo! I was thinking we could meet at burrr before we go find a buyer!
by J-Off March 17, 2010
People who wear chin straps since their hormones introduced them to facial hair and most likely having associated with, "The Best."/Ironwood, Michigan.
"When we play Ironwood tonight, we will see man-to-man pressure, double teams, and chin straps.
by J-Off March 17, 2010

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