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A special form of telekenesis that targets and inflicts pain to one's anus.
I was about to steal the Tide from the store, but Mr. T came in and used his analysis on me and stole it first. I walked funny for a week.
by J-Hoax June 12, 2010
An expert at Bar-B-Queing.(Pronounced Bar-bee-que-er)
Door's open this friday! So come on down to the Bar-B-Queer!
... AW SHIT!
by J-Hoax January 19, 2011
The M95 Barrett is a bolt action 50 Cal sniper rifle developed in 1995 by the Barrett Firearms Company. An imporved version of the M90. Notable features include the fact that it is the most massive sniper rifle to date, and can penetrate some metal and most glasses used in helecopters and jets. It is 45 inches long, it's maximum range is about 1800 metres, and it's muzzle velocety is 854 metres per second. the M95 Barrett is the equivilent to the AWP in Counter Strike, acually better.
by J-Hoax January 06, 2009
A character from Medal of Honour: Rising Sun. He tries his best. He appears in the "Singapore Sling" Misson. Also He continues to try his best.
"Rickshaw Tries his best."
by J-Hoax April 21, 2009
are hardly a galaxy
I ordered the "Galaxy of Prawns"! 3 Prawns are hardly a galaxy!
by J-Hoax July 23, 2010
It is derived of 2 words. Spartan and wood. It is the greek word for "Wood as large as a Spartan Warrior"
Holy Bagel Brick! That guy's got a SPARWOOD!
by J-Hoax September 14, 2010
He who puts a basketball hoop on the back of his truck.
The galugamesh is useful for many situations in the ghetto.
by J-Hoax August 09, 2010

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