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When 2 police officers get together for a bite to eat, usually in a small restaurant or diner.
Often seen at restaurants such as Luby's, Whistle Junction, Jim's, Las Palapas, Taco Cabana, Ryan's, random family-owned Mexican restaurants, and occasionally Chacho's.
"Hey Bill, wanna grab a bite at Jim's?"
"Sure Johnny, it's a cop date."

"Hey check it out, there's 2 cop cars outside that Luby's."
"Wow, there must be a cop date going on in there."
by J-HUSTLE August 14, 2009
The maximum height reached during a plane flight. Almost always announced by the pilot.
"According to the pilot, my flight to Chicago was predicted to flymax around 30,000 feet."
by J-HUSTLE August 15, 2009
The ridiculous amount of bids that floods a popular item in an eBay auction within about the last 60-30 seconds. This usually results in you losing the auction.
"I almost had that limited edition baseball card, but someone else got in the the bid storm right before the auction ended."
by J-HUSTLE November 15, 2009

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