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When you at the strip club and you don't have any money so you sneeze and blast the strippers with your snot mist.
During allergy season Young Teddy accidentally made it mist during a lap dance.

I make it mist, yo.
by J-Dizzle Dub Sheezy May 25, 2008
Make it flood: similar to the R Kelly songs, it is when you are having a very kinky sexual episode, and you decide to give your partner a "golden shower" or piss on them.

I make it flood, yo!

Make it flood: A white upper class term that came to popularity after the Hurricane Katrina incident; when rich are looking to clear out a less than desirable neighborhood, they create a scenario to clear out the undesirables, similar to the way Hurricane Katrina cleared out areas of New Orleans.

Bennedict, I'm not fond of the colored folks living down the street, lets make it flood and regain the neighborhood.

Make it flood: When you leave the water running and the spill causes water damage.

Marquis forgot he left the bathtub running, and when he went back into the bathroom found that he had inadvertently made it flood.
see examples above for "make it flood" yo
by J-Dizzle Dub Sheezy August 01, 2008

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