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Relationshit: what you're usually up to your neck in when your girlfriend says, "We have to talk..."
Also, the stressful aspects of being in a relationship with someone; the part of the relationship before it ends acrimoniously; pretending you like a woman so you can have sex with her.
That woman was so high maintenance; I never had to deal with so much relationshit before in my life." or, "After Karen caught me flirting with Suzie, I was in relationshit up to my eyebrows!
by J-Bullets November 24, 2010
Speltard: someone who not only can't spell worth a shit but is also too stupid to look the word up in the dictionary and correct it. Also, a person who consistently misfiles things because they can't get it through their thick head that ABX comes before AXB.
I can't believe they let speltards graduate from university." Or, "Who are the fucking speltards that keep misfiling shit around here?
by J-Bullets November 24, 2010

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