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Putting tartar sauce on a smelly vagina
Lawrence gave Latoya an Alaskan Flounder Basket. Afterwards they went to Long John Silvers and repeated the exercise.
by J-Beize April 30, 2009
Sticking a toy car into a girl's vagina
After raiding his Hot Wheel collection he gave his sister a California Interstate
by J-Beize April 30, 2009
Eating out of a used pooper-scooper
After taking his dog out, Jim began to eat his salad with a scoop of death
by J-Beize April 30, 2009
A girl draining her period blood into another person's mouth.
After accidentally recieving a Bleeding Kansas from Amanda, Fransisco went on a killing spree.
by J-Beize April 30, 2009
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