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To give someone head.
Nosh Off: to be used in the context " She noshed him off Friday night!"
by J-Я-z June 15, 2009
The product when Ribena is Drank through a bottle that Ganja is stored in.
"Oh my God! This still tastes like Skunk! It's like Ribena but its Riganja!"
by J-Я-z June 15, 2009
Said when a friend is close with a member of the oposite sex.
"Look at them two, BEND ONE IN SON!"
by J-Я-z June 12, 2009
Said when You burn your School Jumpers on the last day of year11. In a woods. With a hairspray can.
"Come on can blow up... JEAHHHH!!!"


by J-Я-z June 19, 2009
Included in a very boring story told at a campout.
"First i lived in Germany, Then i lived in Conningsby, Then i moved to Sleaford..."
by J-Я-z June 15, 2009
When you call someone a retard with an added level of cruelty.
" You fucking FUCKTARD!"


"Your Mums a fucking fucktard. Who im gunna fucking fuck."
by J-Я-z June 19, 2009
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