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Exploiting fat people for monetary gain. Most common in television programming such as "The Biggest Loser", "Dance Your Ass Off", "More to Love", "The Fatchelor", etc.
The television program, "Dance Your Ass Off" is guilty of fatsploitation.
by J Zee June 18, 2009
A man curtain is a cape. Such as worn by super heroes and weirdos pretending to be super heroes
"Batman;s man curtain billowed in the wind as he perched atop a tall building in Gotham City."
by J Zee May 05, 2009
To stay too long in one place or overerstay one's welcome. To linger or hang out.
After the Super Bowl ended I clogged on my buddies couch for a couple hours.
by J Zee June 24, 2009
An ex-girlfriend or wife who didn't take your breaking up with her well. A scorn woman intent on revenge on the man who dumped her. Like Wayne's ex in Waynes World
I'm concerned that my friend will suffer an attach from his vaginasaurus ex.
by J Zee July 23, 2009
Short for Shit My Pants Laughing. To be used in messengers, texting, and email. Replaces ROFL.
"A buddy of mine just texted me a joke. I responded with SMPL."
by J Zee June 19, 2009
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