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an involunary contraction of the muscles of the vagina during intercourse.
"Elroy thought he wuz about to git his dick pinched off when Linda's muff slamed shut on him."
by J E. Walker May 09, 2003
proper noun: Mr. Hanky- beloved anthropomorphic turd who wears a little sailor cap and lives in the sewers of South Park, Colorado
" Hiiiiiddeeee Hoooooh!" Exclaimed Mr. Hanky as he waived at the boys and girls.
by J E. Walker April 28, 2003
A toilet. previously the pot inside of the comode console- so named because of its echo chamber effect
" I was sitting on the thundermug and alluhthesudden...' BRRRPOOMMMPPPP-FAZzzzz!'"
by J E. Walker April 26, 2003
Vagina- United Kingdom regional
so 'e put 'is wanger in me money box 'n didn't even pay me tupence."
by J E. Walker May 09, 2003
the opening and closing of the mouth without verbalization that occurs when the individual displaying he syndrome is trying to get a word in edgewise.
"Steve's developed a full blown case of the carp syndrome since he married little Rose."
by J E. Walker May 09, 2003
" It is inelegant to use such expressions as 'ride the rag','on the rag' and more refined to say "riding the cotton pony'".
by J E. Walker April 26, 2003
a sodomite
" It was back in 1982 or maybe 83
that thousands of rump rangers all
contracted HIV
Nobody knew what caused it but they began to die..
Dead Rump Rangers In The Sky
Yippie i o Yippie i aaayyy.
Dead Rump Rangers In the Sky"
(to the tune of Ghost riders in the sky.
by J E. Walker April 26, 2003
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