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1.) holding the gun with two hands
Griff: "wow that man has gun control...look at that...."
by J Do May 20, 2008
short for Arrogant lazy slacker
Mr. D.: Griff, you are on my ALS list again"
Griff: yeah and now my grade is at a C+...sh*t.."
by J Do March 28, 2008
1.) when you are not prepared
2.) your officer says you can't go

Griff:" You are no go soldier! Don't you know that gun control means holding it with two hands!
by J Do May 20, 2008
1). the belief that slacking is the only way to go
Daryle: "so you religious?"
Ken: "yup, i'm a slackist"
Darlye: "huh?"
Ken: i believe in slackism."
Daryle: " oh, one of them kind, i want to be a slackist."
by J Do March 28, 2008
1). to mold
2). gross, disgusting, nasty
"dude, you don't want to eat that, look at the rycinion."
"mom, i think the salad is rycinioning."
"that egg roll was so rycinion...sick!"
by J Do March 22, 2008
1) yto be flipping awsome
2.) to be very crafty
Griff: "wow you are bomb-bad!"
by J Do March 29, 2008
1. loud music coming from above or upstairs.
2. a person who jumps but falls.
3. an object that falls from above you.
1.) Griff: "I hate living in this apartment, that guy's sky-rock is driving me crazy!"

2.) Charles: "Did you just see that guy sky-rock?"

3.) Ross: "Woah! That sky-rock almost hit my head!"
by J Do May 28, 2008

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