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nu-metal are the enemies in which we can never forgive !!!!!!!
he listens to nu-metal while he has sex with his father
by J July 17, 2004
Highly complicated; intricate and involved
That play was byzantine and I had difficulty following the twists and turns of the plot with its myriad of characters.
by j February 14, 2005
philly way to say water ice
"you get your free ritas yesterday? Damn that wooder ice was good!"
by j May 28, 2004
Short and effective phrase used by one who approves of something, it is only used when the user cannot be arsed to think of a better superlative.
'Freestylers was well good!'
by J November 16, 2004
a snapping pussy that squirts love juice
I have found a squirting snapper and I am holding on to her!
by j November 11, 2004
a police helicopter
"motherfuck you and your punkass ghettobird"
by J January 09, 2004
really bad bad breath
I would date her, but she's got dragon breath.
by j February 14, 2005

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