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399 definitions by J

a city so big the north and south are connected by a major highway. once a beautiful place now turned ghetto, both north and south. coyle pl, intervale pl, mclean ave, and caryle ave are all now hard. some of the north is still at its height, but it wont last very long, schools ARE laying off teachers and the board of ed is missing 600k. As someone once sed, take out staten island and make yonkers the 5th bourough of nyc, seeing as how it's about 10 minutes to manhattan (no traffic). Its still hot to hang out there because it is so commercialized.
My home... look at it now.
by j April 01, 2005
214 143
nu-metal are the enemies in which we can never forgive !!!!!!!
he listens to nu-metal while he has sex with his father
by J July 17, 2004
120 52
Short and effective phrase used by one who approves of something, it is only used when the user cannot be arsed to think of a better superlative.
'Freestylers was well good!'
by J November 16, 2004
90 26
philly way to say water ice
"you get your free ritas yesterday? Damn that wooder ice was good!"
by j May 28, 2004
67 7
Highly complicated; intricate and involved
That play was byzantine and I had difficulty following the twists and turns of the plot with its myriad of characters.
by j February 14, 2005
76 17
a snapping pussy that squirts love juice
I have found a squirting snapper and I am holding on to her!
by j November 11, 2004
71 14
Considered the best magazine in hip-hop in the late 80's early 90's. Now it is considered as the worst hip-hop magazine.( Mainly cause of Benzino.)
"Yo are you gonna get the next issue of The Source?" "I would but since Benzino controls it I'll go get the next issue of XXL."
by J April 18, 2005
64 7