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Everything that is NOT normal by definition.
This particle isn´t moving like it´s supposed to, it´s abnormal.
by J/M/T/M November 04, 2003
A musical style which focuses mainly on speed and noisy samples, is often also very chaotic in sound, pop listeners should not listen to this kind of music.
by J/M/T/M November 04, 2003
A purely fictional spice that is described in the book called "Dune" written by Frank Herbert. It supposedly grants the user either a) all-seeing-ungodly-uber-ability-to-navigate-space or ... b) funky trippy delusions
And it also is said to taste like cinnamon somehow....
The emperor needs X amount of spice by tommorow or his sardukkar will pwn your ass in five hours.
by J/M/T/M December 05, 2003
Mario Mario´s brother, often mistaken for a green version of mario, and used to be a sidekick, nowadays has his own career with the game "luigis mansion"
Luigi: Maaaaiiiirooo?
by J/M/T/M November 07, 2003
When using an extremely highpitched sorta ghey voice to convey sick and disturbing messages across songs, originally used by m0d (hence the name) of modarchive to spruce up his songs.
Now often used by other people this phenomenon has been known as doing "m0d voice".
J/M/T/M uses m0d voice to sing: Old Macdonald had a farm..e aye e aye ooh!
by J/M/T/M November 12, 2003
Sometimes things go wrong or if you´re dissasitisfied with something you can go "blerp", blerp is also synonimous with the phrase "fuck it"
Sending of file failed.....
Friend Who sends file: what?
J/M/T/M: the file transfer fucked up!
by J/M/T/M December 13, 2003
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