36 definitions by J 0 K A

a game where all men cum onto a waffle and the last person to cum has 2 eat the waffle; MASON'S favorite game.
Mason finished last when cummin on the waffle so he had 2 eat it.

Mason purposely lost the game so he could enjoy a nice meal for breakfast.
by J 0 K A February 02, 2005
to cripple a mutha fucka. breakin a man in two.
i hated that kid so much i shot then maimed his ass.
by J 0 K A March 10, 2006
rubbing your dick intensely.
in other words...choking the chicken,beat yo meat,wackin off
Follow these steps:
1) Close your eyes
2) Bite your lips
3) Now pretend your rolling dice
by J 0 K A January 19, 2005
the white version of saying "yo mama"
black kid: yo mama biatch!!!!!!
white kid: well!...well!..your mother is so fat she weighs a lot!
by J 0 K A September 26, 2005
a rooster part of the looney toons that stutters
Foghorn leghorn: "I..I..I sai...I said SHUT UP!!"
by J 0 K A June 30, 2006
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