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Chalga is "music", made by the bulgarian low-lifes. Like every other nation, Bulgaria has its scum, and that scum listens to chalga all the time.
It's degrading, and 100% makes you stupid.
But when you look at the us rap singers like Lil Jon and 50 cent, you're going to see, that there aren't many diference betweem their "hip-hop" and the chalga.
They both have women (that have passed through a lot of "manipulations", like breast implants), the texts are idiotic, and the singers have absolutely no talent, on concerts sing only on playback, but still have quite a lot of money.
text of a "brilliant chalga song":
The rocks are falling...
by Ivancho July 12, 2005
The P90 (Project 90) is a SMG, part of the PDW (Personel Defense Weapon). It uses 5.7x28mm round, which looks like a scaled down 5.56 NATO round. There are a lot of discusions about the efficiency of this ammo, because of it's size. But still it can pierce through any type of military vest, at the range of 100-200m. It's ergonomic and can be used by both left and right hand. It uses a bullpup layout, so it's compact, and it's quite light - about 2,2kg. The results show it's quite acurate too.
The P90 has an interesting design, and ejects the spent cases in the back of the weapon. It uses quite an interesting and big magazine, which in the end aligns the round with the reciever.
The P90 is issued for tank personel, artillrey personel, etc., and is used with the Five seveN handgun, wich uses the same kind of ammo
by Ivancho July 12, 2005
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