11 definitions by Ivaaa

A gang, located mainly in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Very bad-ass, but also very nonviolent! :) The leader and founder of this gang is wildly credited to be Ivy Coles. Ivy is the only one allowed to induct new members into the gang.
1, 2, 3, Moses!
by Ivaaa December 17, 2010
A codeword for Lhiam Andrews-Bancroft.
For some reason, Kiwi is tied to chicken fingers in my brain.
by Ivaaa December 18, 2010
A codeword for Nik Haug.
French Fries have no balls.
by Ivaaa December 18, 2010
something that really, really, really hurt
a crown.

a crown is romantic.
by Ivaaa July 25, 2010

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