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Most people hate on them because they actually are thier for the children and take quality time and enthuisasim twards thier health and education. Most people that say rotten things about them. "Mad'(key word) because they have no clue. Hopefully a help twards obesidy. Getting your children involved in sports is valuable tool to helping them gain charisma and learning to go to a goal with thier feet and not thier hands or mouth.
Better ways to attain a level headed decision comes from the right idea.

Generalising people when no two are alike is hampering the mindsets of people and frankly a soccer mom will tell you if you don't like them to go pund sand cause it's the only thing you'll be pounding.
Penolopy: So girl what did your kid do today
clique obsessed girl: got knocked up, shot a few innocent people, started fights, took some x and learned to rob a bank
Penolopy: Wow, mine just had a great time working out with there team. Waht a great day I'm so glad to be labled as a "Soccer Mom."
qliqu obsessed girl: i'll have to get government help for her bc I can't deal with the stress
Penolopy: you should get you both some excersise
by IvSceneyourDth2wice November 15, 2009

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