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pund - the act of punding someone, also known as pundification, or pund-tang, the articulate movement of pundation.
rofl, jamie got fuckign punded when he got nutmegged
by goldeneye64 June 21, 2010
1. a person who attempts to be an expert in the public eye, but fails.

2. one who thinks of themself as being more famous and well respected than they are.

3. someone who's public opinions are generally disliked, not held as insightful or something to be followed

4. The loser version of pundit. As the truncated version of its root word indicates, someone who falls short of being a true pundit.
In the movie "Napolean Dynomite", Kip is the ultimate pund.

Al Sharpton is such a pund.
by Honest Anthony May 11, 2005
when someone does a pund on your head
holy cr*p he pund on your head said the boy standing next to the boy with poo on his head
by jimbobboy January 01, 2008
A pund or punds, is the unit of measurement describing the force emparted by a quality pun, which causes your head to move and sag.
"JP said a pun that made my head roll back with about 10 punds of force"
by Mr. Greptal June 16, 2016
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