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It's a shit place to live. Youths looking for fun drive somewhere else. 'cause, you know, it's the location; close enough to a city to buy drugsz without leaving, but not close enough to be fun on its own.

other than that
... there's a beach and a mothafuckin' haunted octagon house.

However, I'm not a crackwhore.
& if you're nice you'll put this definition on to clear that up.
Pewaukee sez: Piss on meee.
Waukesha sez: SURE BITCH.
Milwaukee sez: ): Whothefuckareyou.
by Not a crackwhore, man. August 16, 2009
Probably the worst town on the face of this planet. each person you meet from this hell hole is going to be more messed up than the last. the only thing that this place has is a lake that has been consumed by blue algae. And every girl in this town is either a pimp bitch or snow hoe. i advise you to never take a trip to this place because it will be the death of you!
"Hey you wanna take a trip to pewaukee?"
"Hell no! That place is filled with skank ass hoes!"
by the informant1 December 14, 2008
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