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A closet or room in your house where you put everything you don't know what do with; just crammed with stuff, and very messy. From the TV show "Friends". The character Monica was an obsessive neat-freak, but it was revealed in one episode that in fact she had a closet stuffed completely full of junk.
"Don't open that door! It's my Monica closet."
by Itsnotme June 11, 2007
A little offended, a little confused.

Miffed + Baffled = Miffled.

A malaprop from "Made in America," the final episode of The Sopranos. Tony offers Paulie a promotion, but Paulie doesn't accept right away. Tony is a little miffled.
"Lots of people are miffled about the final episose of the Sopranos."
by ItsNotMe June 12, 2007
Rumor has it that housing prices are falling, or at least stabilizing. Not so in Kirkland, WA. In the Kirkland Bubble (not all of Kirkland -- just west of 405, North of 520 and South of 116th) housing prices only go up, up, up. There are many reasons -- Kirkland (not Totem Lake, not Bridle Trails, not Juanita) a nice little town and many people want to live there. All the Microsofties pour over the hill and buy everything in sight. And everyone wants to buy here because the prices only go up and up and up. The Bubble distorts reality, and looking for real estate inside the bubble can cause suicidal ideation. But then, so does looking for real estate outside the bubble. The bubble is also metastisizing, creeping ever northward along the lake, so more and more neighborhoods North of the current bubble are being eaten by the bubble. Life inside the bubble is special and magical and also insidious and evil and soul-sucking.
That 900 square foot 1940 rambler with no roof West of Market just sold for 850K. Fuck the Kirkland Bubble, I am never going to be able to buy a house here. I am such a loser.
by Itsnotme June 11, 2007
A long, hard look or glare meant to intimidate.
Oh, man, look at Dave giving me the big house stare, trying to back me down.
by ItsNotMe June 12, 2007
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