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Repunzel is this bitch with real long hair, and so this ho locked her away in some really high tower somewhere. So then, right, some fella came along and heard her singing, so he was like "Repunzel, Repunzel let down your hair, so i can climb the golden stair" and then she was like aright so then she let down her hair and he climbed up to save her. She was so thrilled she said "hey, you wanna do ass to mouth?" and he was like "bitch, you wastin my minutes."
Repunzel looked innocent, but little did the prince know she was actually one dirty bitch.
by ItsAadam March 01, 2009
What you say when you want to cut the crap in a conversation.
This phrase will usually appear in an MSN Messenger conversation to skip all of the usual

- Hey
- Hi
- How are you ?
- Good you ?
- Good thanks wubu2 ?
- nm you?
- nm

By saying these two words, you save around 30 seconds of your life for every msn conversation.
- Hey
- Hi
- How are you ?
- Let's Converse
- Sounds good.
by ItsAadam April 14, 2009
Verb. The act of using Tinder as a means of procrastinating.
Procrastindating is similar to procrasturbating, although it is marginally closer to actual dating.
A: Damn it, why all the fine honeys gotta appear when this dissertation is due tomorrow?
B: Bro, you're gonna fail if you just procrastindate all day.
by ItsAadam January 12, 2015
The act of engaging in anal sex during one's birthday is referred to as birthdanal (shortened from birthday-anal)

It is often thought of as a gift or favour from one's partner, something that they are only willing to do because it is the partner's birthday.

Care should be taken during birthdanal to avoid contracting birthdAIDS.
My girlfriend agreed to birthdanal.
by ItsAadam July 22, 2011
Grand Turismo Addiction.
The addiction of the popular video game grand turismo.
"Bob will the get off that f**king PS2! Your exam is in 5 MINUTES!!"
"I can't mum, i've got GTA."
by ItsAadam January 03, 2009

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