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3 definitions by Issy Aidsfunop

Anally Injected Death Sentence.
A rather cruel parody of Aquired Immune Difficiency Syndrome.
"AIDS is a terrible disease to make fun of."
by Issy Aidsfunop January 15, 2006
A character from the T.V show "South Park". He has very messy blonde hair and supposedly sufferes from A.D.D but his twitching and nervous personality is due to the large amounts of caffeine he consumes. In Series 6, Tweek became the main characters replacement for Kenny, alongside Butters, after he "permeanantly" died at the end of the previous series.
"Tweek's the worst character ever."
"Yeah. Worse than Towelie."
by Issy Aidsfunop January 15, 2006
Rimballing is the act of a male stretching his scrotum and inserting it into his anus. Usually this involves the insertion of one or both testicles.
Andrew enjoys rimballing
by Issy Aidsfunop January 15, 2006