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A school located in Ijamsville, MD. Most commonly associated with the word 'douchebag', the school contains a large amount of inconsiderate rich pricks, all predominately white.

The surrounding schools in Frederick county tend to view Urbana as the upscale, but sluttier version of all the schools, due its rich, cliquey atmosphere and overdeveloped ego.

Urbana is also very popular for their seemingly disappointing and pathetic success in the sport of lacrosse. Two time state championship qualifiers, and TWO time state championship FAILS, losing two consecutive years in a row.

So although they are complete choke artists when it comes to lacrosse, the majority of students who go to Urbana still continue to bask in their reflective glory which does not actually exist.

As for the females who attend this school, although very attractive, they could not tell the difference between a thumb and a dick they were previously sucking on. Commonly seen wearing Hollister, and Abercrombie clothing which suffices their complete lack of fashion and intelligence.

Short Definition -Rich, douchey, slutty, fail, highschool

Guy 1- "I think I caught gonorrhea from some chick"

Guy 2- "Were they from Urbana?"


Guy1- "We made it to the lacrosse state finals bro!!"

Guy 2- "Yea but you lost"


Guy1- "Hey man where do you go to school?"

Guy 2- "Urbana High School"

Guy 1- "I don't wish to know you, get the fuck out of my house"
by Ishd1v8 March 30, 2010
The action of utilizing one's testicles as a shovel like device to scoop semen from a womens breasts to her mouth. After ejaculating on the womans chest.
Woman - "You were suppose to aim for my mouth"

Man- "I know I missed, I'm sorry"

Woman- "Use your balls to scoop it into my mouth"

Man - "You requested i perform a buffalo snow plow?"

Woman - "That's exactly what I am requesting"


Guy- "After visiting Buffalo, NY I discovered a new use for my balls. Not only can they make a mess, they can help clean it up too."
by Ishd1v8 March 27, 2010
-A group/team membership that includes an inordinate amount of straight men who have come to accept their circumstance of not having females amongst their group/team.

-This is common with coed teams such as Swimming and Diving and Track and Field teams.....and Wrestling
Teammate 1- "Dude there are no chicks on our team this sucks"

Teammate 2- "Bro it's ok we are a team no-less"

Teammate 3- "TEAM SAUSAGE!!"

All together -"TEAM SAUSAGE"
by Ishd1v8 March 19, 2010
The fear of premature ejaculation

- The definition elopes a sound characterized by a sudden exhale and or release of air during a premature ejaculation
Girl- "Did you just-...in your pants?"
Guy- "Yea...did you?"
Girl- "NO!"

Guy 1- "I've always had this irrational fear that when I hook up with a chick I will ejaculate prematurely"

Guy 2- "That is called Ehhphobia my good sir, and you should be afraid of that."
by Ishd1v8 March 07, 2010

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